Nile High Land Arabica Coffee Farmers’ Association (NIHACOFA) is a community based coffee farmers association founded in 2005 in North Western Uganda, West Nile sub-region. We are a fair trade certified organization with a total membership of 5,000 coffee farmers, grouped into 152 producer groups of 25-35 within Zombo and Nebbi districts of Uganda. The coffee is grown at an altitude ranging from 1400-2000 ft above sea level without any chemicals. The coffee is processed at central washing stations. The shipment period starts in October – March every year.

Through contract farming with farmers and farmer groups registered, affiliated and monitored by our field staff, NIHACOFA directly contributes to rural community welfare in West Nile. NIHACOFA ensures ready market for all coffee supplied by farmers registered through its registration programme. As part of our efforts to guarantee ready market for all our farmer networks, NIHACOFA undertakes exhibition programmes during agricultural fairs to expose the consuming public to the presence of Arabica coffee from West Nile, its nutritional value and economic potential in eradicating poverty in rural communities in Uganda. NIHACOFA has been buying coffee since 2006 from small holder farmer members, processing them separately and exporting to its partner agencies such the Relationship Coffee Company in Vancouver, Canada, Sucafina Geneva, as well as bulk market conventional coffee to some local exporters.